Department of Parasitology and Pharmacology

Name of Department Pharmacology and Parasitology
Name of Head Prof: Dr. Lat Lat Htun
Bachelor of Degree BVSc, MVSc, PhD (UPM)

Teaching Staff






Dr. Soe Soe Wai

Associate Professor


Dr. Saw Bawm BVSc, MAgr (Hokkaido), PhD (Hokkaido), ZCE (Hokkaido)

Associate Professor


Dr. Kyaw San Lin BVSc, MVSc, PhD



Dr. May Thet Hnin Oo BVSc,MVSc, MAgrSc (Rakuno), PhD Candidate (Hokkaido)



Dr. Myint Myint Hmoon BVSc, MVSc, PhD Candidate

Assistant Lecturer


Dr. Hla Myet Chel BVSc, MVSc, PhD Candidate (Hokkaido)



Dr. Yu Nandi Thaw BVSc, MVSc Thesis (Konkuk University)



Dr. Soe Thu BVSc, MVSc Thesis



Dr. Yamon Min Nyunt Oo
BVSc, MVSc Candidate



Dr. Shwe Yee Win


Former Heads of Department








Dr. Mya Sein BVS  Pharmacology 1966 1968


Prof. Dr. Min Soe BVS, DipSc, PhD (Massey)  Pharmacology 1968 1997


Dr. Than Lwin BVS, MSc (Wales), PhD (Wales)  Parasitology 1968 1994


Prof. Dr. Thein Tun BVS, MPhil, MVSc  Pharmacology & Parasitology 1994 2003


Prof. Dr. Tin Tin Myaing B.V.S, M.V.Sc, Ph.D (UPM)  Pharmacology & Parasitology 2003 2008


Prof. Dr. Lat Lat Htun
BVSc, MVSc, PhD (UPM)  Pharmacology & Parasitology 2008 Today


Responsible subjects of department are;

Pharmacology, Parasitology, Clinical Pharmacology, Public Health and Epidemiology.

– Pharmacology and Parasitology subjects are taught to Third year BVSc students.

– Clinical Pharmacology, Public Health and Epidemiology subjects are taught to Fourth year BVSc



The aim of the course in Veterinary Pharmacology is to equip the students with the basic and essential knowledge of drugs, their actions and uses and thus enable them to apply and meaningfully correlate this knowledge to their subsequent studies of clinical veterinary subjects and livestock production subjects. This course includes materia medica and pharmacodynamics, the basic principle of Pharmacology, routes of administration, absorption, distribution, biotransformation and excretion of drug, importance of materia medica in Myanmar.


The aim of the course in Veterinary Parasitology is to equip the students with the basic and essential knowledge of parasites and parasitic diseases. Therefore, enable them to apply this knowledge in animal disease diagnosis and to meaningfully correlate this knowledge to their subsequent studies of clinical veterinary subjects and livestock production subjects. Emphasis is given to epidemiology, pathogenesis and pathology, diagnosis, immunity, treatment and control of the most common parasites in Myanmar. Zoonotic parasites and their importance in public health are dealt with.

Clinical Pharmacology

The aim of the course in Clinical Pharmacology is to enable students to apply the knowledge of drugs to studies of clinical veterinary subjects and livestock production subjects. This course includes therapeutic application of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs acting on central nervous system, the effect of poisons and treatment of poisonings.

Public Health

Aim of the course is to evaluate the significance of inspection and quality assurance of food of animal origin in abattoir and processing plant and to highlight zoonotic diseases, food borne diseases, preservation of meat, microbiological quality of food of animal origin, antibiotic residues, antibiotic resistant bacteria and food safety issues and provide some skills in microbiological examination of meat, milk and water.


Veterinary epidemiology deals with the investigation of diseases, productivity and animal welfare in populations. Thus the objective of this course is to understand the frequency of disease occurrence and how disease, productivity and welfare are affected by the interaction of different factors or determinants after completion of the course. The course includes basic concepts, measuring disease in a population, information and data collection, types of epidemiological studies, diagnostic tests, data management, disease control methodologies, concepts of disease and outbreak investigation.

Past Research Activities

  • Study on the morphological characteristics and incidence of animals’ parasites
  • Ecological studies on development of animals’ parasites
  • Studies on comparative efficacies of anthelmintics
  • Antibiotic sensitivity test on some common bacteria
  • Study on antibiotic resistance pattern on bacterial infections
  • Seasonal incidence of blood sucking flies
  • Detection of drug residues in animal products
  • Efficacy of herbal plants against helminths, protozoal and bacterial infections
  • Prevalence study and associated risk factors of toxoplasmosis, trichinellosis, fascioliasis, salmonellosis and brucellosis in food animals and dirofilariasis in dogs

Ongoing Research Activities

  • Efficacy of herbal plants against helminths and bacterial infections
  • Prevalence study and associated risk factors of; (a)
    infection in pigs (b) Cysticercosis in slaughtered pigs, (c) Cryptosporidiosis in cattle and mithun and (d) Bacterial zoonotic diseases in slaughtered animals

Collaborative research
works with Universities from Japan

  • Prevalence of protozoal parasitic diseases in cattle and dogs
  • Vector-borne diseases in rodents

Future Research Activities

  • Detection of drug residues in animal products
  • Efficacy of herbal plants against bacterial infections
  • Seasonal incidence of ticks

Titles of Thesis

MSc (Master of Science)

1.In Vitro Cultivation of Entamoeba histolytica
(Thaung Thaung Kyi, MSc, Zoology, 1975)

2.Studies on the Morphological Characteristics of the Mature Ascaridia galli, Development of the Eggs and Experimental Infection in the Chicks
(Ma Gyan, MSc, Zoology, 1978)

3.Studies on the Incidence of Cattle Ticks and on the Development of Boophilus microplus
(Ma Aye Myaing, MSc, Zoology, 1978)

4.Studies on the Larval stages of Strongyles of the Gastro-intestinal tract of Cattle
(Khin Swe Thein, MSc, Zoology, 1978)

5.Studies on the Incidence, Morphology and Effect of Ecology on Fecundity of Ancylostoma caninum
(Khin Than Win, MSc, Zoology, 1981)

6.Ecological Studies on the Larval Stages of Intestinal Strongyle Nematodes of Sheep and Goats
(Yi Yi Mar, MSc, Zoology, 1981)

7.Comparative Efficacy of Some Anthelmintics against Ascaridia galli in the Chicken
(Latt Latt Khine, MSc, Zoology, 1981)

MVSc (Master of Veterinary Science) (Parasitology)

1.Some Ecological Studies on the Development of Ascaridia galli Eggs
(Thein Tun, 1993)

2.The Study of the Effect of Two Antibiotics and an Indigenous Seed of Leucaena glauca  on the Development of Experimental Ascaridia galli Infestation in Chicken
(Lat Lat Htun, 2001)

3.Study on the Effect of Low Protein Levels in the Ration on the Population and the Development of the Worm in the Cockerels Experimentally Infested with Ascaridia galli
(Khaing Sapai Myint, 2003)

4.Studies on Comparative Efficacy of Three Anticoccidial Drugs Against Experimental Eimeria tenella Infection in Broilers
(Ni Ni Maw, 2004)

5.Seasonal Incidence of Gastrointestinal Nematodes Larval Population on Grazing Areas in Yezin
(Ohn Ohn Myint, 2009)

6.Seasonal Incidence of Gastrointestinal Nematodes Infestation of Goat in Yezin Area
(Ei Ei Aung, 2009)

7.Comparative Study on the Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Nematodes and Flukes Infestation of Cattle between Middle Myanmar and Northern Shan State
(Nang Mo Kham, 2010)

8.Seasonal Incidence of Blood Sucking Flies in Three Locations within Nay Pyi Taw Area
(Tint Tint Soe, 2012)

MVSc (Master of Veterinary Science) (Pharmacology)

1.Sensitivity Test of Five Antibiotics on Some Common Bacteria
(Tin Tin Myaing, 1993)

2.Studies on the Response of Larvae and Adult Ascaridia gallito three Anthelmintics
(Khin Khin Aye, 1994)

3.Detection of Drug Residues in the Meat, Liver, Kidneys and Eggs of Chicken Experimentally Induced with Antibiotics
(Soe Soe Wai, 2001)

4.The Effect of Supplementation of Vitamin A and Vitamin C on Population of Worm and Growth of Cockerels Experimentally Infected with Ascaridia galli
(Aye Sandar Cho, 2003)

5.Screening of Fluoroquinolone Residues in Muscle of Chickens Using Microbial Inhibition Test
(Khin Thida Sann, 2005)

6.Study on Sensitivity of Escherichia coli Isolates from Village Chickens in Yezin Area to Six Antibiotics
(Khin Nge Aung, 2005)

7. Studies on Anthelmintic Activity of Acidifier, Piperazine and Garlic (Allium sativum) in Experimentally InfestedAscaridia galli in Chickens
(Kyaw San Linn, 2006)

8.Antibiogram of Escherichia coli  Isolated from Post-weaning Piglets Fed with and without Feed Additives Containing Chlortetracycline
(Min Maung Cho, 2008)

9.In Vitro Study of the Resistance Pattern of Six Antimicrobial Drugs to Salmonella
(May Thet Hnin Oo, 2009)

10.Screening the Antibiotic Residues in Chicken Muscle, Liver and Kidney Samples within Nay Pyi Taw Area
(Ohnmar Hnin, 2009)

11.Study on Antibiotic Sensitivity of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Mastitis Cows
(Khin Nay Lin Aye, 2010)

12.Study on the Antimicrobial Effect of Local Medicinal Plants on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli Isolated from Raw Pork
(Sanda Tun, 2012)

13.Comparative Anthelmintic Efficacies of Medicinal Plants and Levamisole in Broiler Chicken experimentally Infected with Ascaridia galli
(Nyein Aye Thu, 2014)

MVSc (Master of Veterinary Science) (Public Health)

1.Prevalence Study on Cryptosporidium and Giardia Species Collected from Cattle Manure in Yamethin and Pyawbwe Townships
(Sandar Kyi, 2009)

2.Study on the Prevalence of Food-borne Pathogens, Escherichia coli and Salmonella, Isolated from Chicken Meat
(Myint Myint Hmoon, 2009)

3.Isolation and Identification of Leptospira Species Isolated from Urine of Slaughtered Cattle
(Htay Htay Win, 2010)

4.Study on Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Household Cats within Yezin area
(Wai Mon Htet, 2012)

5.Isolation and Identification of Salmonella  Species in Raw Beef from Retail Outlets
(Yu Phone Kyi Tun, 2012)

MVSc (Master of Veterinary Science) (Epidemiology)

1.Study of H5 Antibody in Ducks Associated with Locality and Age Factors for Detecting HPAI in Thanatpin Township
(May Lin Swe, 2012)

2.Epidemiological Study on Trichinella Infection in Slaughtered Pigs from Nay Pyi Taw Area
(Tin Aye Khaing, 2012)

3.Studies on the Prevalence of Liver Fluke Infestationin Cattle from Taunggyi Area
(May June Thu, 2013)

4.Epidemiological Study on Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) to support the Control Strategy in Myanmar
(Tu Tu Zaw Win, 2013)

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) (Pharmacology)

1. Activities of Medicinal Plants against Eimeria tenella
(Khin Nay Lin Aye, 2013)

Field surveys of department


Laboratory work of department

species in bile duct of cattle

Snail samples from Taunggyi and Ayetharyar Townships In vivo experiment with broiler chickens


Graduated and current postgraduate students

Programme Completed On going









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