About Yezin

Background History of University of Veterinary Science

This University started as Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Under Rangoon University in 1957. In 1964, it was upgraded to Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science (IAHVS) in Insein, Rangoon. In 1981, IAHVS was moved to Yezin, Pyinmana. In 1994, IAHVS was transferred under the governance of Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries. Before 1997,the course was 6 years and changed to 5 years course in 1997. In 1999, the name of IAHVS was changed to University of Veterinary Science.

In 1992, Post-graduate study programmes such as Master and doctor of Philosophy were started and continueuntil now.Since 2006, first year students were selected by entrance examination including written and viva.Until 2012, 4,409 graduates were produced. Degrees conferred are BVS, BVSc, Dip. LIS, MPhil, MSc, MVSc and PhD.

Departments of University

The University of Veterinary Science comprises a Rector’s Office and 18 departments namely:

(1)  Rector’s Office

(2)  Department of Myanmarsar

(3)  Department of English

(4)  Department of Mathematics

(5)  Department of Physics

(6)  Department of Chemistry

(7)  Department of Zoology

(8)  Department of Botany

(9)  Department of Anatomy

(10) Department of Physiology and Biochemistry

(11) Department of Pathology and Microbiology

(12) Department of Pharmacology and Parasitology

(13) Department of Surgery and Reproduction

(14) Department of Medicine

(15) Department of Animal Science

(16) Library

(17) Department of Account

(18) Department of Students’ Affairs

(19) Department of Engineering

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