Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding

Dr. Aye Aye Maw
Associate Professor and Head
BVSc, MVSc, MAgr (Kagoshima), PhD (Kagoshima)
Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding
Dr. Hla Hla Moe
Associate Professor
BVSc, MAgr (Kagoshima) , PhD (Kagoshima)
Dr Han Win Soe

Undergraduate Students Graduation Thesis

No Name Title Year
1 Zaw Phyo Lwin, Aung Htoo Lwin, De Lone, Khin Zaw Latt, Sat Paing Lwin, Aung Waiyan Linn, Lae Tayapi Lwin, Nyein Nyein Lwin, Sandar Linn, Cho Mi Mi Linn On-Farm Phenotypic Characterisation of Pyar Zein Cattle from Lewe and Tatkon Areas     2018

Master of Veterinary Science (MVSc) Thesis

No Name  Title
1. Han Win Soe On-Farm Phenotypic Characterisation of Shwe Ni and Pyar Zein Cattle from Dry Zone 2017


Published Research Papers


  1. The characteristics and performance of the Inbinwa chicken in Myanmar. Hla H. M, Maung K, Win N, Nyunt M.M, Maeda Y (2004). Report of the Society for Researches on Native Livestock 21, 33-36
  2. Analysis of polymorphisms in the insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF1R) gene from Japanese quail selected for body weight. H. H. Moe, T. Shimogiri, W. Kamihiraguma, H. Isobe, K. Kawabe, S. Okamoto, F. Minvielle and Y. Maeda (2007). Animal Genetics 38, 659-651.
  3. Genotypic frequency in Asian native chicken populations and gene expression using insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF 1) gene promoter polymorphism. Hla H.M, Shimogiri T, Kawabe  K, Nishibori M, Okamoto S and Maeda Y (2009). Journal of Poultry Science 46, 1-5
  4. Genetic Diversity of Myanmar and Indonesia Native Chickens Together with Two Jungle Fowl Species by Using 102 Indels Polymorphisms. Aye Aye Maw, Takeshi Shimogiri, Riztyan, Kotaro Kawabe, Yasuhiro Kawamoto and Shin Okamoto (2012). Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Science. Vol. 25, No.7.
  5. The Genetic Diversity of Eight Chicken Populations Assessed by 102 Indels Markers. Aye Aye Maw, Takeshi Shimogiri, Kai Yamamoto, Kotaro Kawabe, Koichiro Hamada, Yasuhiro Kawamoto and Shin Okamoto (2013). Journal of Poultry Science. Vol.50
  6. Genetic Diversity and Population Structure in Native Chicken Populations from Myanmar, Thailand and Laos by using 102 Indels markers. A. A. Maw, K. Kawabe, T. Shimogiri, W. Rerkamnuaychoke, Y. Kawamoto, S. Masuda and S. Okamoto (2015). Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Science. Vol. 28, No.1

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